Land Requirement

At Dandara, we believe that being proactive is key for strategic land management in order to improve the value of potential residential and mixed use development land. Our knowledge of land development, our expertise and the added value we provide to the process is what makes our relationship with landowners unique.

What are we looking for?

  • Sites of 5 acres or more required and considered, suitable for 40 houses in a village up to 2000 dwellings for major urban expansion and/or regeneration.
  • Brownfield and greenfield sites on the edge of major urban areas, regional market towns or village locations.
  • Sites in the Green Belt also considered.


West Wantage - Aerial location plan of the land

What do we offer?

  • An immediate response and proposal for either an outright unconditional purchase, or for a Promotion/Option agreement. An ongoing open book relationship will always be maintained with landowners throughout the period of any Promotion/Option Agreement.
  • An experienced land and planning team that has one of the highest success rates within the strategic development land sector in achieving successful high value planning permissions and returning maximum land values to landowners.
  • We will cover all the landowners professional fees for selling or entering into any agreement, as well as all associated planning costs.


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